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Ok, I am not sure if this is even the proper area but here goes....

I have a couple 100 nascar diecast and I need to sell them all. Mostly JG, DE Sr and Jr, Stewart, etc.

I have ads up here and at another board (car related) but no one seems to be interested in the Nascar items.

Is there a place where I can post these things? A Nascar diecast site? I need to move these and my time is running out. I am moving shorly and I can not take all of them.

I am just looking to sell, not make any money. Can anyone help me?

I do not have a list and I do not have weeks to make one up. I do ask that if anyone has a driver they like to just let me know and we can go from there.

I may just have to unload these to a local (crook) store that sells them. I may as well give them away then.

Help me please.



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How I wish I could do a list.

If you are serious, I have tons of J. Gordon, some Dale Sr and Jr, Stewart, and a few others.

If there is anyone you are interested in let me know and maybe we can narrow it down some.


I just want to move these, not looking to make any money. I have sold some for way below what I have paid even.

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There are a few of us that collect 1/18 scale Nascar, however my collection is specific to certain drivers. I collect Richard and Kyle Petty, Rusty Wallace, Tony Stewart, and Bobby Labonte. I also collect Pontiacs, and have taken on acquiring "food" related Nascar diecast, such as Dave Marcis' Olive Garden Ertl Lumina, Racing Champions Burger King Monte Carlo, etc.

Personally, I only have three Dale, Sr., and no Dale Jr. I have my Dale's in a collection for deceased Nascar drivers, including Kenny Irwin, Davey Allison, etc.

If you posted a list, I would pick and choose among your collection, depending on the price. I buy impulsively these days, since new 1/18 scale Nascar diecast in the drivers and liveries I am interested in are no longer produced. I do not collect Jeff Gordon paint scheme of the week, or any of the Fords or other Chevy drivers, but that is just me. There are some of us that buy as donor stock for custom paint schemes that aren't available in 1/18 scale, but you have to be able to beat the $9.99 specials that can easily be found on eBay.

Gomotorbids.com might be a good suggestion, as they do buy collections, but I am sure you will take a bath, compared to what you really think they are worth.

Good Luck!

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Ebay is a good option. If you have the original packaging, you might try contacting an online diecast store and see what you can work out.
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