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I have a spare Service 24HR CLK-GTR that I am wanting to mod.

I want to make it look like "After the Race" edition, with the exception of any broken panels.

Any one has any ideas how to go about it. :?:

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1st step
get as many pics as possible of the car
2nd step
turn on your dremel
3rd step
go to work

you have to eyeball this. depending on the damage of the real car you have to go from there. these look good. i like mattels raced ferraris, i havent seent hem up close but in pics they look good.

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I have non intentions of drilling or destroying this piece, just wanting to scruff up the paint a bit. :slin:

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CLK DTM, :zi: :crt: CLK DTM :2gun: :angel: I'm sorry but I had to say that! GTR's are rear engine, DTM's are sedans(front engine) :gt:

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Sorry for misleading the model, I meant to say CLK-DTM.

But atleast I know your paying attention :sm: :jk:

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oh that changes things a little x. you have to turn the dremel down to 2nd speed now, not full throttle. :sm:

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Fill the car with fireworks.......you should have extra ones :sad:

and simulate a blown engine
Image uploading. Refresh page to view

Good luck with the mods. :mrgreen:

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.you can take an airbrush and mix up some very light beige and spray at a distance to front area to simulate sand blast effect from long race.

Take a mix of this same color and do a 50/50 mix with clear with additional thinner and do the windshield to simulate rain or dirt.
Really looks good if you mask off the wiper trail so it looks clean
after you spray windshield.

Also take a 50/50 mix of flat black and thinner, take a Q-tip and dip in paint mix, let a few drops fall offf onto front of car while holding car
verticle, than quickly take air brush and just blow air on the drops so they
will "stream" back to simulate oil from cars that it follows. You can also use this mix with air brush to spray behind wheel wells to simulate raod and rubber debris.

You can also tak some cigarette ashes, fireplace sut, pastel earth
tone colors to simulate dirt scuffs etc without having to gouge up car with

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Out of everything you said, I never thought of any of it. I'll possibly look at doing the same to the engine compartment as well. Thanks. :mrgreen:

I'll do all of this first on one of my experiment models before dong thectual piece.
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