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New Celica work

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Some new stuff for ya in my Gafotes link in the sig. This Celica has changed alot since I first modded it as you can see from the pics. The first thing I did was change out the red hood. I like the red but the actual hood has no scoop which is a pain, so it went. Next I raised up the car so the wheels just barely fit in the wheelwells. This was kinda difficult since I had to use new axles to extend the wheels out. Also the new axles were too small so the wheels had to be glued to the axle. It rolls nicely.

The engine has some minor detailing, the intercooler is back along with a new diamond flat black grille. The rear TV is gone and has been replaced by a smaller TV, a pillow, and a velvety thick carpet which can be found not only in the trunk but also on the floor. The seats are new, stolen from a 1:18 Lambo Diablo. Normally i would consider the seats too big but the Celica is more like 1:20 scale neway and the diablo seats are wicked small for 1:18 so they fit nicely. It also has better contrast with the carpet. The interior has been detailed in a few places too. :danbanna
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the celica is really :cool how long that take you to do?
The celica took a long time because I was working on it at a bunch of different stages. Each individual task wasn't that time consuming (carpeting, grills, etc) but together it adds up. Getting the seats to fit in the right place took a while actually because the head rest butts up against the interior walls. I was very pleased with the result though. Any ideas for more goodies? I was thinking I might put in a new engine since right now its just a molded piece. :feedback
Pushing the wheels out gives the car a much better stance, I think I'd prefer chrome or dark grey rims though. I like the new hood. Very nice mod. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
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