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New Customs

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I've been promising in previous posts the finish my bloody doorway for the dealership diorama and get it up as well as finish my repaint of my viper. Finally i'm done with both and you can now see them at my Gafotes link below.

The White viper was inspired by my sight of a very nice new viper in motor trend in...white of course. The color is just been released on the real car but has yet to appear in 1:18 so I decided to make it myself. I'm pleased with the results with only a few minor hiccups. Firstly I lost the rear thin lights (one of them is gone) and the shifter during work. I will replace the shifter with a pin ASAP but the lights are pretty much shot. The seats were painted along with the e-brake and the engine to keep a nice white theme going. The shifter will also be white.

In my Gafoto page you can see my updated White Escalade EXT. I had to change the tires back onto the SRT-10 so it got the low pros back. Its even lower in the front now too and I think it looks very nice paired up with the Viper.

Since I got all sorts of goodies at christmas (AUTOart Diablo GTR, CLK-DTM, Mustang Cobra R, etc) you should see more updates in the next week or so.

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:nicejob :nicejob Nice work dude!
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