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Lanes latest in the Oldsmobile series has arrived - the Matador Red 1970 Olds 442 W-30.

The Matador Red Olds is similar to the earlier Rallye Red release in terms of details. Manual transmission, shifter linkage detailing, W-27 rear end, etc etc. What I particularly like about this release - besides the color which is a much more vibrant red than Lane's earlier released photos suggested - is the correctly painted argent wheels. For those that remember the Rallye Red 442, it came with body matching wheels which was incorrect for this car, although the owner claimed otherwise. The only Cutlass based Oldsmobiles to come with body matching wheels in 1970 were the Rallye 350 and the Indy Pace car.

All in all, the Matador Red version with black stripes is my favorite color combo so far on the 70 Olds 442 hardtops. Like the Rallye Red 442, the Matador Red version will be available in your choice of black or white stripes. Both versions are limited to 750 copies and according to Eric, there are less than 100 of these left in Lanes warehouse. The white stripe version is scheduled to release in June.

Pics have been uploaded to my site and can be seen by clicking on the link below. Enjoy!!

Click Here For More Pics

That's very hmmm, red. I'm not sure that I like this color on the Olds, I think I'll pass. Well, I know I'll pass. There are much better colors suited for this otherwise beautiful body style. Thanks for the pics Dave. :cheers
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