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Hi guys! nice to be here. I build large-scale dioramas. I'm 82 and have been modeling for more than 70 years of many different types of models. Thanks for having me. Cheers! John.
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Welcome to DX, John!
From Germany.

Good to have you!
WOW - after 70 years of modelling you must have an incredible wealth of knowledge, experience and practical advice. 馃憤

Hope you will share here with us - do you take pictures of your dioramas?
Welcome to DX from St. Louis! I would also love to see some pictures of your dioramas! :)
Welcome to DX, from Missouri.
I love dioramas, I hope you'll share some with us.
Welcome to DX.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the dioramas you've made over the years.

From Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.
Greetings and welcome also from Canada!
Thank you, everyone. Yes, I will post more pics,
Here are some more pics.


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Hi! Been away for awhile, these things happen when you are 82. Cheers! John.


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These are pics from a diorama I call "The Homecoming." It is on a 1:16th scale as are all of my 5 dioramas.
Here are some evening shots of the same car.
"The Homecoming" is a diorama I made of an airman coming home to Canada after having served in WWI. I will show you guys how I develop a storyline and some other aspects of making a diorama if it is OK.
Sorry about the way I posted the above pics as I had forgotten that they should be added to the text and not posted separately.
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