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New member.

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Hi! I am a new member doing dioramas.

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Beautiful, very realistic looking pictures! :)
Great lighting and details with the rusty nails in the fence pickets!
I like that Chrysler Airflow model too.
Welcome to the forum lara!

Sorry I originally moved this thread to the Diorama resources forum (but that was wrong of me as it is for asking for / showing tips and tricks of how to make them) I've put your introduction thread in the Welcome / exit stage left forum as you're a new member.
Hi Lara, welcome to DX!!! 馃憦 馃槉
Liking that a lot! Combination of the detail, the mix of natural light and I guess real trees/leaves in the background, plus the 鈥榟eight鈥 the shot was taken from that makes it look like you鈥檙e eye-level with a 1:1. Very nice! (y)
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Welcome to DXC! You鈥檙e off to a great start. Nice pictures.
this is one the finest from signature models.
Hi guys! Been away for a while these things happen when you are 82. Cheers! John.
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