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New project

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Hi all, this is my new pet project.
I know ... I know, I am still working on the 300SLR LM as well... :giggle

I just got this Bburago SSKL. I am almost done drilling the lightened body (hence SSKL)
Bburago's model is fairly decent and the scale is almost dead on... And to think this is one of the first model they ever produced...

The writings on the body are part of the modifications that need to be done... quite a few to be accurate but all really minute.
I also plan on wiring my own wheels and using real leather for the interior.
I am not sure whether to still represent Carraciola's winning #87 or just "run of the mill SSKL... still time to decide.
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I too would go with Caracciola's car. :cheers
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