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New Sauber fraternity member...

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This really must be holy grail month.

Let's see, Phwoarrr got his orange Mac, Fred (Peearr) got his Evo6, Gary (Ar_V6) got his "Naked lady" GT2, ApeGen got his C9, and many other lucky members were finally able to say "I got The One..."

Good things happen to those who wait. :cool

Well, let's start with the good news:

I can finally say :iagree

Getting this beaut out of its box(es) is proably one of the most intense, most exciting things a diecast collector will ever experience. It really is that big of a deal! Sure, AUTOarts and Kyoshos are great, but Exoto is something else, and I finally understand why.


(to be continued)
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I can't wait for more pics Gian! :cheers

Congrats! :cool

So many are getting these Saubers! Now I want one more than ever! :cry :lol
Better than Xmas morning huh Gian ? :giggle

Congrats on joining the "I got my Holy Grail" club .

Look forward to some pics . :cheers
Thank you gents! :happy

(Sorry no pics just yet but stay tuned!)

And now, the not-so-good news:

Don't get me wrong, for the quality, I could now conform with any version of the Saubers, but I was really expecting the 'Works Prototype' since a picture of it and "Sauber C9" was used to advertise it. I even called and asked if this specifically was the version I was looking for, and after minutes of waiting, I got an unsure "Yes."

I took a chance, and was even considering getting two; one I would leave as is, and the other I would tranform into a #63 with some decals.

I end up getting a #62 - The "Polesitter..." and also the 5th place finisher.
:nutkick (I know, I'm picky like that, but this ain't free!)

I call the store, and they were closed for the week. I go to the website and the Sauber isn't even listed anymore, so I'm guessing there are no more exchanges...

HELP! :cry

I'd really like to convert it into at least #63 but the whole NPR business will never happen to this car. I couldn't allow it! So it is strictly decals and that's it.

Has anyone done any 'transformations' on Saubers before? I've seen it done and consulted with an owner but he didn't speak English...


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Congrats Gian and welcome to the 'brotherhood' :giggle
Sorry Gian - I can't help regarding the transformation. But it would take a braver man than me to mess around with these beauts! :giggle

A fantastically awesome model! I'm pleased you've found one.

Finally got it, eh? Congrats! :cheers :happy
Congrats ohnoitsawrx! :cheers
gotta love the packaging of exoto! :giggle
Congrats Gian :cheers
Congrats on your new Exoto model :cheers
One of the best 1:18 models in existance :tongue

And Merc got his 22B (thanks to Thomas) and the 4 doors wrx is on it's way (thanks to Kelvin) :cheers
Of course, AND Merc got and will get some awesome rare Subie! :giggle

Thanks for the compliments fellas! :happy

Gian, I have that exact one. Of ourse I wanted the winner, but since stupid Exoto plays dirty, you can't have it without the rolling chassis or the set. So, I got the #62. The conversion would be fairly simple: change the numbers, change the drivers and paint the mirrors. In theory it's very simple, but sincerely I don't think it's worth the risk, unless you're very experienced with tampo removal.
I don't think it would be to big of a deal to remove the tampos.
You might be better off returing the #62 if you don't want to try it though I will warn you, the presentation is harder to find and costs more money because of the very reason you want one.
Lots of winners have ben made out of it :lol

I guess it depends on how bad you want the #63 :giggle

Congrats dude! :cheers

It's a great car. I chose to get this one as the works proto wasn't my cup-o-tea...yet.

I too really wanted the #63 winning car, but wasn't about to pay extra for a rolling chassis (yet). :nutkick

You might try contacting John Bartos through his website. He does decals for all kinds of conversions and has done this one.

see conversion here.

I do agree that the thought of even opening a bottle of NPR/LT/MH in the same house as an Exoto model is sacrilege, especially if it's for the intent of use on an Exoto. Good god man give yer head a shake. :box :lol

Anyways, my opinion is keep the car as is, it's an awesome car and it is the POLE POSITION car. :wink
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Congrats on the new addition :cheers
That's fantastic! Congrats on the kick-ass model Gian! :cheers

With all that packaging I can see how trying to get to the model would be one of the most intense experiences! :giggle Great choice, I think the silver livery on the Sauber is the best, keeps the look of the car very "pure."
Thanks again gents! :happy

Mike - Thank you so much for letting me know about John Bartos. I sent an email so I'm waiting to hear back from them soon.

Jeff - I want #63 bad, real bad! :giggle

Luciano - Noticing that the lower half of the car on both sides of the car is plastic, NPR is definitely a big NO-NO :lol
So I will try to put #63 decals on top of the #62 and hope they don't look too funky. As far as painting the mirrors and changing the drivers lettering... :scared
Gian, before you try to cover the #62 with a decal I would think about trying to cover the 2 with some paint or something.
I swear by using the "Sharpie" brand paint markers.
It puts on a very fine layer of paint that covers very well.
Be sure to get the paint marker and not the regular if you decide to try it.
I would use white if I was doing this mod.
Congratulations on bagging the big one, Gian! :cheers

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'd never try to mod a $100+ car, but I do wish you luck in your attempts. :cheers
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