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New to Diecast models

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First off just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I'm new to diecast model collecting which I mainly collect 1/18 scale. Only have 4 right now but looking to add to it after I learn a little more. I don't like wasting my money (on not so well made models) so I thought I'd sign up here a learn some things before I buy more.

Any tips for collecting? Manufacturers to avoid?

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Welcome aboard and glad to have you :welcome

Hope you enjoy the forums :cheers

You can view the Model Review Forum and read some reviews on models as good starting point. Other than that, just ask questions, no question is a dumb question and not too often do they go unanswered. :cheers
Thanks for the welcome Darrick
Welcome to the forum!
No problem, I am sure there will be more to follow :giggle
Welcome aboard Bob!

There are a lot of great people here, that know HEAPS about different models, manufacturers and just about everything.

My advice to you would be to collect models you like. A lot are available from varying quality manufacturers so if there's something you're interested in just ask the guys here which manufacturers produce it.

A little word of caution though. I was a 1:43 collector up until about 10 months ago when I joined DX. Because of DX I now collect both hehehe. You will quickly see a lot of awesome models here and your bank account will suffer as a consequence. It happened to me and I've seen it happen to a lot that came after me :lol

The main thing is that you enjoy yourself and your collecting.

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Welcome to DX Bob!
If you wanted to find out more about diecasts, you have come to the right place. Jump right in and join the madness!!!
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As for models to get/stay away from you have a lot of choices. My favorite brands are AutoArt, Kyosho, and UT Models. I also like models from Exoto, Maisto, Jadi, Beanstalk, and a few other bands. Models I tend to stay away from are Hot Wheels and some models from other budget brands.
Otherwise I just collect what I like :yahoo
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:iagree :iagree Welcome Bob :cheers
to DX Bob

Very soon you will find out that this is the friendliest forum on the web

Any questions you ask will be quickly answered, the only problem you will have is in the content of your wallet :giggle. As Darrick has said, there are a lot of reviews here and an awful lot of pictures, so you can decide which direction your collecting will take.

But don't forget the 1:43 scale models, quite a few members started here only collecting 1:18s, they saw the light, slid down the slippery slope, now they collect both scales!!
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Hi Bob!
Welcome to DX :cheers

I guess the best way to pick which diecast companies to buy from is to know what kind of cars you like. Sometimes a car is modelled by many different makers.
I am sure that whatever you collect, someone here will be able to help you out :cheers
Welcome Bob... :iagree with Mark ...this forum has a bad influence on your bank account...
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I'm sure you will find all the answers here, gl hf !!
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welcome, Bob!

I'm a newcomer too, and because of DX, I've blown oodles of money on 1:18 models. Like Delta_Force, I was only a new 1:43 collector, but as pics of the oh-so-detailed 1:18's on DX streamed in, I was sent into a buying frenzy!

Since I'm quite poor, I only buy from the "good" brands (i.e. Autoart, Kyosho, Minichamps) and not the "premium" brands (e.g. Exoto). Each of my 1:18 models costs around 50-120 CDN$, just to give u a gauge of the prices.
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A very big

One car....

...UT Mclaren F1.

Get them while you still can.
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Welcome to DX Bob! You found the right place to fuel your new hobby!
:welcome here !!!
Welcome to the forum Bob.

You're collection will surely grow from just knowing about this site, it's infectious. :happy

As for models and quality, it's always good to get the most for your money, but you'll also find that sometimes you may need to sacrifice quality to get a specific model or race livery.

eg: Hot Wheels is the only manufacturer of 1/18 Ferrari 333SP's(that I know of anyways) and the F399-F2004(F1 cars). If these are must haves for your collection, then you're at the mercy of Hot Wheels. The same goes for the Audi R8's, now while they are only made in 1/18 by Maisto(and I do like the quality better than Hot Wheels), they are still not a Minichamps/GMP/Exoto, but all 6 versions are in my collection. With some of the older race version Porsches, you'll be looking at Eagles Race.

So it's not always about quality, it's sometimes about just getting what you want.

Cheers and happy hunting! :cheers
:welcome aboard, Bob! :cheers
If you're looking for indications on what to buy, you came to the right place! Members are always showing their latest acquisitions, so you will NEVER run out of options here. :giggle
What kind of cars are you interested in? Race cars, exotics, vintage passenger cars, race theme cars?
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