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2x 2004 C5-R
Specter Werkes
and lets see if you can guess the 5th one :WTF

Pim :yahoo

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Congrats on the new additions , I like the Spectre werks vette too , it looks awesome . I really should buy an AUTOart racer too to keep my Viper company

Its a 69 vette convertible LE 1/500

"Our 20th anniversary commemorative editon mid America x 500 " on doors :happy

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Congrats on the new additions Pim! :cheers
One thing, did the Maisto SW come in that older style box? I have only seen them in the new style Maisto box.

Also, your Mid-America version is rarer that 1/500, because I know of a couple that were tampo-deleted. :giggle making them the regular Revell release.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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