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Next model to skyrocket in price???

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Ive seen some cars go up very much in price. I was just wondering what you thing the next one will be to follow. Just curious on all of your thoughts.
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As time goes on, the prices for less rare UT's shoud rise. Cars such as BMW E36's, Z3's, certain Porsche 993's- there has already been increases in the $$$ the Ferrari 355's are changing hands for. The last 'new' UT I saw was an Estoril blue Z3M coupe, that was in about december last year; which was still going for the same price as they were in 99(it was a welcome blast from the past). I didn't buy it and still regret it.
maybe AUTOart GT3R? They are not showing up on ebay as often these days
Also the Minichamps Racing/Rothmans Porsche 956L 1983 Le Mans winner.

As well as the BMW GTR's.
Good topic.

I was looking at my collection and wondering the same thing as some of them have a higher commanding price than what I purchased it at.

From watching eBay and purchasing a few rare sought after models is that you can never really tell in the beginning which models will fall into this category. One thing I have noticed is that models that are always abundantly available often aren't later on, these become the ones that are sought after in the later days.
Interesting topic - of course it's all speculation. I suspect to see prices rise on AUTOart Vipers, Jags and Corvettes. Kyosho's long term viability in diecast worries me - not a lot of new product coming out. So their Ferraris may be a good buy...just my 2 cents.
Kyosho isn't the only company this applies to sadly. 2005 is going to be very interesting if things aren't turned around soon, which is why I am investing in Orville Redenbacher Stock :giggle
Hopefully one of the models I already have will skyrocket in price. :giggle
Popular Minichamps seem to shoot up in price a bit because they don't make very many.
Just look at the $300+ Porsche 917/10 last week on ebay.

The AUTOart GT3R has all the signs of being a winner.
Before anyone realalized it has disappeared from just about everywhere.
Many of the UTs are disappearing too, so grab those Bimmer M3 converts while you can.

The UT series 3 convertible 325i has all but gone. I'm glad I got the black one. Most of the UT Bimmers left are the Z3s and the M3 converts.

Have fun.
The L&M 917 10 will if it is never available in North America which appears to be the case. I purchased two, for my brother and myself so no extras. I did mention to wife these would be good investments when I ordered mine...oh well.
What I am seeing on Ebay confirms this.
This is probably an obvious statement but I would say the UT McLarens will continue to rise. There's 4 I really want (I have one of them) so hopefully timing and lady luck will be on my side for the other 3.

Another one that may eventually rise is the yet-to-be-released AUTOart Mazda 787B. No idea what the production numbers will be though...

The UT Ferraris will continue to be desirable unless another company (other than Mattel) can eventually make them in 1:18. I would love to see AUTOart get those rights.

And, as Road Runner 72 said, the Minichamps 1:18 M3 GTRs.

Lastly, we're all in trouble if the 1:12 Tamiya Enzo reaches the same price as the 1:1.
Because you just bought them, right? :giggle
The UT Porsche 993 Turbos are getting crazy. I'm seeing regular Turbo's crack the $100 barrier. Just a year ago that sum would get you a Turbo S. I expect these to keep increasing, especially the black ones.

I've also seen the scarcity of the UT Ferrari F355's drive up the value of the Hot Wheels versions. I've seen a few of their Berlinetta's go for over $60.
Talk about rare - try finding the AUTOart Martini Porsche 917L. I haven't seen the price skyrocket...yet...I just don't see it at all....
so then the AUTOart GTR Lambos are next as well, get em while you can :giggle

I do feel sorry for the new collectors, It can be a real pain finding the older models.
I second Pillarless Coupe with his info about the 911 Turbo's. My holy grail is a red or yellow Turbo S, and they just do dumb money. I have seen them do over $200 and it is more than my limit, and will not cross it. I look back at seeing one on Ebay with a BIN of $115, and cry :cry , I want one soo bad.
i just bought a ferrari f355 blue prototype which only 200 were made as well as a f355gts in yellow. the 2 cost me over $300 us and i was wonerding if you guys think i got a good deal as this completes my ut f355 collection.
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