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Nissan R390: Le Mans 1998 - #33 Jomo

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Here another R390 I scooped recently. It's made by Onyx but no longer in production. It's not the most attractive livery but I got it as part of a three car deal.

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Very nice looking model, Felix!!! I really like that deep green color! BTW how much it costs??
I really like the looks of this one :cheers

#33 is a great number too! :happy
Felix, your ability to make even a car 'that doesn't have the nicest livery' look amazing is simply incredible. You do it time and time again, and I have to take my hat off to you, the shots and the cars ALWAYS look stunning. That 1998 Jomo R390 GT1 is no exception. I really have to get you out here to Oz to photograph my Ebbro Skylines and do them the justice they deserve. Thankyou for letting us in on your latest 1:43 stunners!

Stunning photos Felix, absolutely stunning.

Thanks Pasha for the kind words. The green and silver colour combination is certainly unique. I got the three R390s without original boxes for ~$50 from a vendor in the UK. It turned out to be a really good deal because soon after I bought these, a single #30 R390 sold on eBay for about $40 (with the box & base). Since I display all my cars on the shelf and off the base, I must say I got a really good deal. :happy
Thanks Jeff. Something tells me you have/had a race car with a #33 on it? :wink
I'm truly humbled by your generous compliments Anders!! I find my pictures of the car rather fuzzy actually. I tell you, learning how to photograph 1:43 cars with a dinky little 3.2Mpix camera (as mine is) is like a brand new learning experience for me. Trust me, I'm very much in "learner mode" as far as lighting and camera technique for 1:43s go.

Your invitation to photograph your Ebbro Skylines is one I'll always keep in mind. Perhaps one day I'll be fortunate enough to venture off to your part of the world. To be able to photograph your cars, I'd be as happy as the proverbial "pig in mud". :happy :happy :happy

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