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i shot a sequence of shots that i did the custom recently.
i only done it to one side. dunno if i have time to finish it up.
ill post the picies one by one.

i use the same chemistry as the real kit.
where the door need to be opened to 15deg then tilt.
in this case the door can not be vertically horizontal as the hinge and the interior are to close. and the the door cannot be tilted up to far as the is no more room inside the guard.

thank you for your comments guys..

btw the tape that are on the car is to protect the paint from scratches :D

:happytwo :feedback

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thx for the compliments guys. i'll take more pictures when im on it again. cheers.

just want to comment about HOTWHEELS brand. i was only into this brand because it was onsale got my z for AU$19.90, and the crap thing is that all the part is tacked together so that all the components is so iritating to pull out. damn hotwheelis lol :)
just my $.02
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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