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Norev Porsche 911 RWB 930

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This build started over 3 years ago. Got myself a Norev 930 with the intent on making another Rauh-Welt car.
Got it stripped down and fenders roughed in shape shortly after, and the project was shelved as we moved houses.

Here's how it got started.

And this is where it sat (almost) for a couple years.

Two and half years after moving, i finally get to take this one off the shelf of a million projects.

993 GT2 wing spliced with the stock engine cover. Little wonky, but it does the job. The exhaust needs to secured more too.

Legende Miniatures Wheels & Tires, Brakes from a GT Spirit Nissan GT-R Nismo and Tire Lettering. (kept it Kumho Ecsta to match)

Seats and hardware from Legende Miniatures. Belt ribbon from Walmart.

Out with the group.

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Fantastic work!! They all look great!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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