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Hi there. After seeing fastandryans F40 I thought I would post these notes I made when I was detailing my Bburago F40. We all know that Bburago's lack a little detail compared to an AUTOart or Exoto 9or sometimes even a Road Legend!), but the Bburago F40 is my favourite model. I think the body proportions are excellent, and the model really looks awesome after detailing, allowing you (the modeller) to have some input into the model. Think of it as a prepainted kit! I haven't had a good chance to see a Hotwheels F40 close up (never came to NZ) so I don't know how much closer they are to the real thing. ANyway, here's what I found.

Comparison of F40 1:1 scale with F40 by Bburago in 1:18th scale.

Comparison data for 1:1 form "Original Ferrari V8" by Keith Bluemel, published by Bay View Books ltd UK 1997

1:1 Front/rear mesh small size holes
1:18 Mesh too large and grey at front
1:1 Rear side slots - preproduction version has 5. production version has 4
1:18 Bburago version has 5
1:1 European version has rear fog lights in lower tail panel, US version has no fog lights, as does preproduction model
1:18 No fog lights
1:1 Pattern on rear Plexiglas engine cover has 9 pairs of slots plus one across the bottom, Preproduction version does not have bottom slot
1:18 As for preproduction version
1:1 US version has rubber bumper strips around front and rear bumpers as well as side lights
1:18 No rubber strips or side lights
1:1 Boot/bonnet ties are quite small
1:18 Too large
1:1 Has indented F40 logo on right hand wing
1:18 Decal on left wing
1:1 Seats red leather with carbon fibre backing
1:18 Red plastic
1:1 Sills (tub) carbon fibre
1:18 Grey plastic with textured look
1:1 Dashboard is carpeted (grey)
1:18 Grey plastic
1:1 Transmission tunnel is carpeted in grey
1:18 Grey plastic
1:1 Door sills (inside) - 2 versions: early cars with Plexiglas sliding windows had red material with slots in, later cars have black material with window winder in
1:18 Grey plastic with slots like early cars
1:1 Grey carpet cover for glovebox
1:18 Decals of instruments over glovebox
1:1 Yellow/cream cover under bonnet for that collects air from the 2 NACA ducts for aircon
1:18 NACA ducts but no collectors
1:1 Twin radiators in front of "wheel boot" and no spare wheel
1:18 No radiators as bonnet moves into wheel space when open, also full (front) spare wheel provided
1:1 European version has a bronze coloured oval muffler, US version has a grey textured (rough) muffler
1:18 Grey plastic
1:1 European version has red coloured brake ducts, US versions are grey
1:18 Grey plastic
1:1 Radiators/intercoolers are black
1:18 Intercoolers are chromed
1:1 European cam covers or induction covers are red, US versions are engine coloured (alloy)
1:18 Chromed
1:1 European/US versions have 3 circular exhausts (middle one for blow-off valve I think).
1:18 Engine exhausts are oval while waste-gate exhaust is circular, as fro preproduction version.
1:1 Underside of bonnet and rear engine cover are black
1:18 Body colour

Thnax 4 the info, sounds like the Bburago F40 is a fair bit inacuratte but I think some of the inaccuracies can be corrected, u gonna have a shot @ it Nocky?
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