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No line of diecast cars has received more criticism about being off scale and 'not collectable' than Funlines' Muscle Machines. Yeah, they are way off scale and lack even some of the most basic of details but that is not what these cars are all about. To me, these cars represent an era long past. One that I can only be a part of through the passionate and heartfelt tales and stories of those who were there and living it. The late '60s and early '70s was a time when 'bling' was not a word. You did what ever you could to make your car go faster - looks were secondary. A time when big meant fast and bigger meant faster!!! Engines were bigger, tires were bigger, horsepower was bigger - everything was just BIGGER and so was the thrill! Like the old saying goes 'There's no substitute for cubic inches'.

Muscle Machines capture what the Muscle Car Era was all about (did I mention big). These cars don't replicate the 1:1 cars they are based on but rather the feeling of nostalgia they inspire. These cars do represent a culture that is still alive in the hearts and garages of those who have the love for classic muscle. No other diecast manufacturer has been able to capture what Funline has.




I completely agree with you about what funline has been able to do with these cars in capturing the FUN.

Maybe not meant for traditional collectors, they still appeal to me, which explains why I have few as well :lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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