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NSX: Front grille or open?

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At the bottom of this album:


you can find three quick pictures I took of my NSX spider. I'm refurbishing it and I decided to remove that crosspiece in the middle of the front intake. So the two intakes on the side are now covered with a chrome grille but the front is currently open. Should I cover it up? If so should I use the same angle for grille as on the side intake grilles or should it be straight up and down? Also what color?
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U should leave it open!!! That looks cool!
:iagr: Very nice work

The only thing I might do differently is to use mesh material that's got smaller openings for those side vents. One idea is to tear apart a tea-leaf strainer ball. It's got really tight mesh with fine wire than can be contoured very easily.
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:iagr: Leave it open. :mrgreen:

Can you tell me a little about the CLK Street version. I think its awesome.

I've never seen this model in black, is it a respray...if so is the windows painted as well or is that actual tint. :?:

great job on all the models :mrgreen:
The CLK-GTR is by maisto and is a repaint. I first tinted the windows on the inside but it permantely messed it up which scared me quite a bit :oops: till I got some clear coat. I put on the same gloss black paint as on the rest of the body and put a clear coat over it. Not quite as good as it could be....but it works.

I also removed the chrome backing from the headlights and took out the bottom grille. I also added a grille to the brake vents just behind the front wheels.

Then of course I had to add on some wicked gaudy dub rims :angel: I should have some more pics of it up with the spinners on very soon and it will get to share an album with another car.

Thanks for your opinions guys! :sm: Always nice to hear from ya
Great work!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I'd say leave it open and if you can add in a radiator of a air cooler than it will looks awesome :angel:
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