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A few weeks ago I got inspired by CollectorX's NSX so I whipped up this NSX-R styled car. I admit I pretty much stole the idea for removing the engine cover from him :lol.

Theres a description of all the mods I did on my site but they're mostly visible. Click the sig to see the other 7 pics. Enjoy!
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I've got a few questions, but first off, let me say I think it looks great. I have one of these MotorMax NSX's, and I haven't done anything with it, (besides taking it apart.) Did you get the wing from somewhere, or scratch-build it? How did you simulate the carbon fiber hood? I'm not looking to copy it, just trying to get a few ideas of my own for mine. I'm thinking of putting some rollers under mine. . .
The wing is a composite of the pylons (whatever those little things that hold the wing up are) from a import racer car and the flat portion from an Ertl S2000. Both pieces were modded quite a bit to fit together and whatnot and I ended up painting the wing black once I was done with it. So the short answer is that its not really scratchbuilt.

The CF hood is just some gloss black paint, its a cheesy solution since I know some of our more hardcore customizers have used CF decals. I haven't gotten ahold of anything like that so i'll have to stick with the less high quality method.
Less hi quality or not, I still think the results are good. I don't have any tuner parts laying around. . . yet. :cry Did you repaint the entire body?
Nope, thats the stock paint. I only did the hood, trunk, and wing
Thanks for the feed back. I'm going to have to give this one some thought. I thought the halo rear spoiler was part of the rear quarters though. . .
The rear spoiler is indeed attached to the boot lid by two rivet thingys (technical term). I just sanded them off, removed the spoiler, stripped the whole lid, painted it then situated the CF wing so it sat over the leftover holes. I suppose you could fill them in if you did'nt want to use any spoiler.
Great job, Gafotes! :happy

That's exactly what I have been waiting to see! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Are you planning on painting it?
I have to hand it to you Gafotes you did an excellent job! Im completely impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness your modifications have achieved! Wow great work! :cheers :nicejob
(It does look 10X better with out the engine cover)
ey gafoto/gafotes whatever:p ive saw this one allready on the automotiveforums board(or on you website, i forgot)....its really nicely done.

the automotiveforums is just DEAD....my user name on that one is bkvj...but that is just dumb:s

I tend to look at your models with an eagles eye and one thing that I notice is that your mods are very clean. :nicejob

I have never seen a chop line in any of your models :cheers
Thanks Darrick! I gotta admit this was a pretty simple mod, but I'm still really pleased with it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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