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Oh! This really sucks!

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Okay here's the situation,

I was taking my 40th anniversary murcielago out of the box and was unscrewing the screws when all of a sudden my finger accidentally snagged on the silver "Lamborghini" script on the back of the car. As a result, I ripped part of the sticker!!! (the "ghin" part to be exact) :cry
I'm so pee'd off right now! :ranting Is there anything I can do? Should I talk to Autoart and ask for a replacement sticker? How's their customer service? And do I need to provide proof of the damage (photos etc.)?
Plz! Someone help!!
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:goodpost and :iagree

I think this is your best bet, or have a look at the decal makers links here to see if you can order some for the lambo.

I have heard of AUTOart sending out replacement parts for their cars (aerials etc) but I don't know how you'd go with a decal.

Best of luck with it though and please keep us informed of your experience with AUTOart. It'd be good to know how they respond after the recent Exoto experiences.

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