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Oh! This really sucks!

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Okay here's the situation,

I was taking my 40th anniversary murcielago out of the box and was unscrewing the screws when all of a sudden my finger accidentally snagged on the silver "Lamborghini" script on the back of the car. As a result, I ripped part of the sticker!!! (the "ghin" part to be exact) :cry
I'm so pee'd off right now! :ranting Is there anything I can do? Should I talk to Autoart and ask for a replacement sticker? How's their customer service? And do I need to provide proof of the damage (photos etc.)?
Plz! Someone help!!
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Guys, the thing is that I LOST the "ghin" part!!
I don't know where it went....I tried looking for it but I had no success. :pullhair :cry
I tried retracing my steps, it's definitely not on the model. I actually think it fell on the carpet (which will be impossible to find because my carpet is kinda sparkly)somewhere and since it's almost midnight over here.....it's gonna be even harder to find.
Thanks guys for all the feedback and advice!

I think I'm going to do this first, if it doesn't work out then I'll have a chat with cobalt (thanks again buddy!). :wink
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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