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Ok I got my 1st Mclaren.

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Ok I did it, after some e-bay hunting, I scored my 1st Mclaren #59 Ueno Clinic, for the price of $44.90US plus shipping. It arrived as you see in pic safe & sound, all the way from Taiwan to Australia, it was well packed :happy .
I would love some info on it as I have just stepped into the Mclaren diecast world.


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Here's a little information about it:

McLaren F1 GTR #001R - BMW Type 702 V12/60° 4v DOHC 6064cc N/A GT1
Entered by: Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing (GB) Closed bodywork
Colors: black
Tyres: Michelin

Sponsors: Ueno Clinic

Driven by: Yannick Dalmas (F)/Masanori Sekiya (J)/J.J. Lehto (SF)

listed, never drove: Ivan Capelli (I), Pierre-Henri Raphanel (F)

Result: winner - 299 laps (168.992 kph), margin: 1 lap

Grid: 9th(3:57.18)

Nice start, by the way!

Now keep on going!

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Thanks so much for the Info :cheers that was great.

Ouch another Mac fan with an awesome collection.

:tempted :tempted :tempted
Congrats on your First Mclaren Mike. It's a beautiful model and a lemans winner so you picked a good one to start. :cheers Which one is next? :giggle
Thanks Tom.
Well yours were the first Macs I ever layed eyes on, and just feel in love with them, also thanks for the early tips you gave me.

Next will be a hard one for me to find, the LOCTITE it is. :giggle yes there will be a next one.

Also have my eyes on a few 1:43 ones as well, Felixs Yellow corn Mac im looking at getting as well.

Congrats on the new addition, there are some impressive McLaren collections :danbana :danbana :danbana

Hope to have my 1st one soon aswell, they are soooooo nice lookin :giggle
Congrats Mike! If anyone is to get just one McLaren F1 then this is the one. It is the most significant of all the race versions as it won the 1995 24hrs of LeMans outright, (as the guys have said above), an amazing achievement as it was the first time the car had competed at LeMans and it was very close indeed in spec to the road car. In fact, due to the engine air intake restrictors required on the race car (part of a equivalency formula thought up by the organisers of LM) the race car had less power than the road car.

I have the same model except that mine has a two plane rear wing whereas the one you got has a single plane rear wing. the 2 plane wing is correct on the 1995 LM cars, but the single plane wing is correct for the 1996 cars. Unfortunately UT when they re-released the 1995 Mac's after they did the 1996 cars, did not revert back to the 2 plane wing, but apart from this oversight it is an accurate model.

Here is a pic of my version for comparison:

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Road Runner 72 said:
...after some e-bay hunting, I scored my 1st Mclaren #59 Ueno Clinic, for the price of $44.90US plus shipping. It arrived as you see in pic safe & sound, all the way from Taiwan to Australia, it was well packed...
Nice one Mike, you got it at a very reasonable price! Which eBay seller did you use?
:cheers Steve, so another NON Ford for you hey :giggle

Ronan Oh my your photos are superb :nicejob
Thanks so much for the Info as well, the 1st time out of the box, and wins leman :phat

I didnt realise about the back wing, DOH, but as you would know as I so new to all of this Mac stuff, that it dont bother me at all, like you have said apart from that oversight it is an accurate model :happy

I feel like a Big Mac for lunch now :lol

Haha! Doc Ronan strikes again! :happy

You guys have awaken the Sleeping Giant...

Hold on to your wallets people!
How did I miss this cool thread?! Belated congrats Mike on your first Mac.

:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo

I know there'll be one or two more coming in the future. :wink
:lol Glad you like the pics Mike! One of the tiny number of cars to win LeMans first time out, a superb machine! I think you will be very pleased with it when it arrives! :cheers
:lol :lol :lol (Evil laughing that is!!! :giggle :cheers )
Thanx CRX, Seller is called, taiwan-is-good I was very happy with the service :nicejob
Thanks Felix, I know :woohoo I love it. I still have not taking the door strap off yet, will have to soon and get some good photos of it.

:woohoo :woohoo

Another Macca in the DX family!!

To all of you lucky guys with Gulf Macs....willing to donate one to a good cause (ie poor old me??!!!) :cheers
Sweet car!!!! Congrats. :cheers
1995 and 1996 McLaren F1 Comparison.

Actually, UT re-did three of the short tails, the #59 Ueno Clinic, the #51 Harrods (Derek and Justin Bell/Ayrton Senna Memorial Car), and the #24 Gulf.

Here is a pictoral of the #51 and the differences between 1995's and 1996's:

Front Splitter-

Rear Wing-

Rear Clip-



Two #59 and two #51-

All the Gulf short tails (Two #24, plus #33 and #34)-

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