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Okay, you keep the boxes . . .

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I just bought a house, and will be moving my collection to it over the next several weeks. I save all my boxes, just for this type of occurence. As I have been retrieving them, and re-boxing the cars, I have come upon a curious situation.


Many of the boxes have model-specific graphics, so it is pretty easy to match them up; however, all of my UT Porsche GT1, Porsche GT2, and McLaren F1 boxes are "generic".


I know most of these models will re-box generically, as well, but I was curious:

Do you mark the model/paint scheme/etc. on your generic boxes, or is it pot-luck when you re-box? I read somewhere that the boxes are marked, somehow, with an identifying number. Can anyone give me some ideas on this? Obviously, marking them before I unboxed them originally is out of the question.


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Most of the UT models I have came from Scale18 and thus have a model number sticker on them which I can cross reference to my master database.

Good luck with the move Jim. I just bought a new house myself - should be built by October. Funny, one of the first things I thought about was how to move my cars. I've abandoned trying to put them back in their boxes. I'll use some flat Rubbermaid containers and move a few loads at a time - the new house isn't that far. The good thing for you is that you have lots of time to make the move.

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