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Once I retired, it was clear that I need to start divesting myself of my rather large collection.

I am doing this, not only in anticipation of eventually moving into a much smaller domicile, but also to help my wife and son if they need to liquidate if something untimely would happen to me.

So far, I have sold about 25 or so 1/18 scale Nascar diecast on eBay; and then when that became quite tenuous, I gave away about 200 to an eBay buyer who had bought the majority of the first ones offered.

He paid for the shipping cost ($575 via an R&L Carriers plywood carton. My son, with his history of Tetras participation, was a great help.

Flickr Album here: Shipping a Collection

I did reserve a select few Nascar models. I have the entire Dale Earnhardt, Sr. collection, including upgrading to Action versions when they re-issued those that had been Revell previously.

I have an extensive Tony Stewart collection that includes both Indy Cars and Sprinters, as well as all his 1/18 scale Busch and Cup Nascar models, as well as a number of customs of liveries that were never mass produced.

I also kept all the custom Nascar racers that the late Jesse Pyron did for me, a lot of them being obscure, one-off drives by crossover drivers.

And, I have all my Wendell Scott customs, which I will eventually donate to the museum that is being proposed in Danville, Virginia.

I next looked at what other components of my collection were of least interest to me, and that turned out to be winged sprinters and Indy cars.

I have only been to one winged sprint and one Indy car race in my life, however that technology really appeals to me.

When I looked at what I had collected over time, it was pretty extensive. I "found" the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum in Knoxville, Iowa. They are a registered non-profit entity, and it made sense to donate those models to them, in lieu of trying to sell them on eBay.

In two different processes, I donated approximately 40 sprinters and then another 35 or so Indy Cars to them.

Flickr albums here, here, and here.

I also had collected a number of Nylint and Ertl pressed steel haulers, and recently donated them to a local museum, Roadside America.

Finally, just this past week, I sold about 20 models to Replicarz that I had listed on eBay, but wasn't getting any bidder traffic. They included a number of Customer White Porsche racers, along with some Anson and JRL duallys.

So, that leaves me with what's left, although as you will see from this video, there are still quite a few.

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