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??? on Aa packaging...

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Just a quick question regarding the packaging AUTOart uses regarding their 1982 Corvette.

What is the difference in models of the packages below.

I purchased the 1982 Corvette that comes in the box and styrofoam packaing.

Today is the first time I have seen the packaging with the clear window.

Is there any difference between the models themselves or is it all just in the packaging?

I found these photos on ebay, in fairness of using the sellers pics, I will include their links: Standard box with styrofoam packing material & Clear box.
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Hi Darrick,

The lower one says it's part of the AUTOart Milennium collection, but I'm not sure if there are physical differences between the models.

I read that as well, however, looking at past and current auction prices, there doesn't seem to be a price difference that reflects an AUTOart ME.
The one on the left is the old version without pop-up lights. The one on the right is the re-release with all the bells and whistles.
Left :confused

Are you saying the clear box is the original release and the enclosed styrofoam box is the re-release?

You must have an extremely large monitor if those pics are side by side. :giggle

Thanks for explaining.
I sent the seller a question asking if there is a difference.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing what the seller replies back with.
:iagree maybe one is more rare or just a marketing scheme.
The one on the left is an earlier release of the 82 Vette. It does not have the pop-up lights or removable T-tops. It also has the dog-leg hinges. It appears to be one of AutoArts first releases.
Bigger pic
The window box "guess thats the left"

yea, the older one does not seem to have the popup lights
I have stumbled in both models. The simple difference is that the open boxed version is an earlier version, thus it does not have all the features of the closed box one.

I too have the closed box version, it is much better one. much more detail, much better value for money.
Thanks for the clarification.

I wonder what this does to the price of the earlier version.
I see them side by side as well. :cheers
as the information you guys have provided in this thread has been informative to me, I don't know if it has been for all collectors.

I have been tracking ending auctions on eBay of these two different versions of the 1982 Corvette. After watching 6 auctions end, 3 of each, the clear window box seems to sell for more than the newer version. albeit not much.

I wonder if the difference is in being able to actually see the model as the clear window box allows.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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