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P-Car 550 Spyder

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Before i take some close-up pics of my latest haul, i forgot to post these pic's from my last haul which had the Kyosho BMW X3, Revell VW Bus,AUTOart Jaguar XJ13 and Beanstalk Ford GT.

Here are the pic's

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Cool car!

Is this the model James Dean was killed in?


Eddy: This car is Mid-Engined isn't it?
Vince: Well....the engine is in the middle so i think it is.
Eddy: Small engine isn't it!
Vince: This isn't a big car that doesn't weigh a-lot, so it's pretty speedy.
Eddy: You going to be doing some speeding in it?
Vince: Guess so, it's our job.
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Yes Jim , James Dean was killed in his 550A after colliding with a Ford.
He affectionatly called it "The little bastard"
Congrats :cheers
Very nice pics, and a very nice Maisto job!!!!!
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