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Its a risk people take.

If your thinking about strangling someone. I know some people that know some people that kill people if you want there phone # j/k :lol

Seriously its sad to hear bad service from online stores, I don't think I really had problems with exoticar, I did have problems with other online stores so in that case it just ruins it for everyone because I really hesitate when theres something online I want. I 90% usually past it up.

And sometimes I wonder if stores owners know they are losing loyal customers. People do learn how to move on to better things and better service. And in time things do go bankrupt or out of bussiness.

Just imagine a company that comes out that makes all ferrari models and every other model that was not made, also best quality, best service, best deals. Always on stock! But that will never happen. :crying
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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