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:nicejob MotorMax!

Brakes -
The rotors turn with the wheels, but the calipers stay in place. Decent detail, but you can't see much anyway through the wheels.
Accuracy: 4 Detail: 7

Engine -
Not bad. Pagani uses an AMG tuned Mercedes V12. A little more chrome and detail would be good, but this sure beats MM's tendency to use dull black plastic for every engine. The windshield wiper doesn't seem to sit on the windshield properly either.
Accuracy: 7 Detail: 7

Exterior -
Really a high point. The scale is correct and the grillework used on the back of the car looks fancy, as what Autoart used in some of its models. I can only describe it as plastic that has the appearance of mesh, but is not textured. Anyhow, the lights are firmly in place, but attachment stubs are visible. The front turn indicators are white stickers which look very odd and are inaccurate.
Accuracy: 8 Detail: 8

Interior -
A blue interior? I don't know, but it makes for a nice patriotic look - red, white and blue! Well, at least blue is a change from the typical black and grey interiors we see. The seats offer a nice leather-like feel, but no carpet is present. Detail and accuracy are acceptable, with the dash being a shiny sticker. Still nicely done.
Accuracy: 7 Detail: 6

Paint - The paint is pretty flawless with only one chip to report. The paint is pretty consistent and looks rich. Red is a nice break from the common silver I've seen on Zondas.
Accuracy: 9 Detail: 7

Tampo/Decals - MM did a good job in placing the appropriate number of badges and logos correctly. While they're just stickers and not tampos, they're well applied and are quite legible. In a couple of cases, paint is used to stamp the logo, as it is behind the seats
Accuracy:9 Detail: 8

Tires/Wheels - The model's wheels have gotten a lot of criticism for being too shiny. Well, I like shiny wheels and I have seen Zondas with chrome factory wheels. If anything, the wheels are too small - they would probably be 16 or 17 inches if they were in 1:1 scale. However, they do have the Pagani badge in the middle, but the tires are unmarked.
Accuracy: 5 Detail: 6


I think a 1999-2003 Zonda is being replicated here. This is a new release from MotorMax and the only 1:18 Zonda in production. You can find them for around $20 to $25 dollars in red, blue, silver, or yellow. It is packaged nicely, but I and another owner have complained about how difficult it is to get this unscrewed from the base. I recommend it; it's a good model for the price!
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