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Pagani Zonda

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This is the Pagani Zonda by Solido, well it's actually by MotorMax but i think it's under the Solido label for europe.

This model was better than a lot of people expected it to be, but has faults still.

For instance, to open the engine cover, you have to have both doors open don't know if thw 1:1 is like that.

Pics here fo you all.....

Notice whats on the Computer screen in this shot.

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Eddy: This is a flash interior, i think this glass roof is really nice.....Errr.....how fast are we going?
Sid: 180MPH, and climbing.
Sid: Oh shut up or ill push you outn the door.

Vince: Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...........Engine.
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very nice model :coolpics
Seems like a nice model. Shut lines don't look too bad but on the back right they're slightly big.
:lol Congrats!

You know what's funny?

I JUST went to Walmart and picked up the same car, in the same color! :lol
On the real car you do have to have the doors open because the leather straps are on the inside of the door frame. I just can't remember if the engine cover comes off completely or if it's on hinges. I'm pretty sure it comes completely off though or that might just be the race car.

Seems like everyone is getting them lately.
On the production car, the engine cover just lifts rearward :cheers
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