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Photos for mwrmt

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Having seen your banner on torontomotorsports.com I know you are an Audi R8C fan.

So here are a few pictures for you. :cheers

(click on 640x480 images to see bigger 800x600 photos)

And you might get a kick from this photo too (click for 800x250) The Audi is made by Minichamps and the Bentley from the 2001 LM race is made by IXO.
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AMAZING shots, SM! That Audi is divine! :tongue
Thanks Felix.

Seeing these in 1/18 by Exoto would be sweet. :cheers

I'll have to take some pics of my 1/10 R8C.

And yes I'm a HUGE Audi fan. the R8C was and still is one of the sexiest racers ever. :phat
Not one of the, but THE sexiest race car ever!
Superb shots Felix! I love that Audi too! :cheers
I thought you might like those shots. :cheers
When you get a chance to take some pics of your 1/10 car (is it remote control??), it looks like quite a few folks here would appreciate that car.
Thanks SF. The top shot is by far my best photo of a 1:43. I think the natural sunlight helped. Thanks for your kind compliments. :cheers
Agreed! :cheers :cheers
Many thanks for the kind words Ronan. That means a lot coming from a fantastic photographer that you are. :cheers :cheers
You betcha. I had it out on the weekend for some fun in the sun. Yeah it was sunny and approx 12-13C out as well.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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