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Having seen your banner on torontomotorsports.com I know you are an Audi R8C fan.

So here are a few pictures for you. :cheers

(click on 640x480 images to see bigger 800x600 photos)

And you might get a kick from this photo too (click for 800x250) The Audi is made by Minichamps and the Bentley from the 2001 LM race is made by IXO.

Thanks Felix.

Seeing these in 1/18 by Exoto would be sweet. :cheers

I'll have to take some pics of my 1/10 R8C.

And yes I'm a HUGE Audi fan. the R8C was and still is one of the sexiest racers ever. :phat
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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