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Pocher glue

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Hey everyone, im back from another posting hiatus….. I had to cut myself off as Ive bought wayyyy to many this year and every time on here, I’d find something else I “needed”….

Which brings me to pulling the trigger on the 1:8 Pocher Lotus 72 last week. This box is HUGE! But now I need to build it.

I wanted to get the best recommendation for what glue to use for the plastic bits. The one I use for repairs is ok but it’s really slow curing, which I don’t like. I want to get one that cures a bit faster but also make sure I get one that doesnt stain or fog the parts so any suggestions are appreciated.
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For plastic-to-plastic, acetone works exceptionally well to bond ABS and polystyrene plastics. It evaporates quite quickly so you have to get the parts close together, brush it on the mating surfaces and press it together real quick. It solvent welds the 2 parts together.

I used to use Testor's red tube glue back when I built plastic model kits as a kid, it worked quite well. I no longer build kits, but I recently picked up a new tube of that glue and it still works quite well for repairs to my fixer-upper models. I use this instead of acetone if I need something that can fill tiny gaps as acetone itself can't fill gaps since it evaporates entirely.
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I also use acetone, not to fix parts together but as an extra layer of glue. I brush it on.

There are many alternatives for a relatively fast drying glue : Gunze, Tamiya, Revell, to name a few.

As for the Pocher Lotus kit : dryfit every single part before applying any glue, because the Lotus kit has a lot of fit issues.
I have used Revell's glue for a lot of plastics and it's quite good. Dries fast, makes a solid bond, sometimes maybe even too solid :D
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