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Pocher Nurnberg 2015

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Rob- JRP -said in the 1/12 coming thread "Pre-order @ carmodelz Eur 589 Includes VAT. " for the 1/4 bike.
I did but price has since gone up.
I'm a big Ducati fan and seeing as there are no other detailed Panigale's I'll probably get it. It's a quarter of the size of the real thing isn't it!? Also do you know when it's out?
Have you looked at 1:12 Tamiya yet?
I must agree though that the pics of the Pocher bike taken by Rob from Carmodelz show a lot more detail than what they put on the cars. Bikes have much more visible details that they can't hide like they do on their cars.
I used to build the Tamiya 1:6 bikes (some 40 years ago) for that reason (and I used to be a rider at the time too).

Much more bike details to drool over than a car. I too am exited and hoping for working front suspension too. Must be quite a spectacle to see this bike in person. Fingers crossed that it's better detail quality than their cars.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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