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Pontiac ProStock "Superflo"

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Dr.Larry Rose 1999 Superflo 1:24 Pontiac ProStock by Racing Champions.

My fisrt 1:24 diecast car, not bad overall, small detail inside, but no tacos or dials on the dashboard.

I got this car due to the Superflo tiger paint scheme, after seeing the Superflo Porsche posted here across DX, I passed on the Porsche due to the high $$$ it sells for on e-bay

:feedback What are people thoughts on "action" & "Racing Champions" 1:24 drag cars & Nascars? as im thinking of getting a Funny car and a nascar.

Here are some photos.
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very nice model and nice pics :coolpics
Very nice, now you have the "Eye of the tiger."
Road Runner 72;

Here is my perception of both those manufactures.

Racing Champions is considered a budget line vehicle with simple details. As you show, they often (normally) have die-cast bodies which by two large slotted lugs allow the body to be removed from the cars plastic chassis. I find the detail under the body lacking much definition and it's often out of scale. They seem to offer vehicles at times that are not offered by anyone else. Normally, if you shop around you should be able to find Racing Champions in 1:24th for well under $20.00

Action is a step above Racing Champions. The company Action is also RCCA, which also bought the rights from Revell in this scale for NASCAR and NHRA. These cars usually offer opening doors, hood, and trunk and much more detail under the hood and in the interior.

Both of these vendors use the tampo process to apply painted graphics versus decals. In every case I have seen, the Action's graphics are much crisper and thorough compared to Racing Champions.

In the USA, you can normally find Racing Champions at many of the discount department stores while Action is normally reserved to specialty vendors and hobby shops.

As far as purchasing a funny car and NASCAR; I recommend the most recent editions because each year they tend to add better detail. I would go with the Action "Elite" editions in 1:24th or try to get a 1:18th car. For the funny car go with Action and if possible shop E-Bay or the local shops for a 1:16th version (the detail is incredible). If you look hard, E-Bay can have them for under $50.00.

Happy Hunting and ...... HOPE THIS HELPS!
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That Helped a lot, thank you so much for that drums.

as im in Australia, its hard to see all the details from a photo.

I took your advice, just ordered a new 2004 Action nascar off e-bay, just have to wait on shipping. as well as it has a little suprise, more details when it arrives.

The 2 funny cars I am hunting for are, a O Hemi one & the 1:16 Mongoose 57 chev, that both look sweet, but trying to work out a fair prices Inc shipping to here is a pain.

thanks agian for that, really helped.
That is a wild looking car! :cheers

Here is one with the tiger stripes that I would like to have...

Got this pic from MTR
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Thats the GTO right :confused I would love that one 2, I would love to find a good priced one of them.

Thanks for the photo Jeff & my wallet thanks you for the :tempted

Always happy to help spend someone elses money :giggle

If you find a good price on it, please let me know :cheers
:iagree Action Yes, Racing Champions No Way! You might want to check out Team Caliber if your looking for NASCAR. Action is the only way for NHRA though :rockon

Nice pics, never saw that car before :phat
I also concur on the Team Caliber NASCAR stuff. One neat thing about them is the individual serialized numbers embedded in the chassis and the lap transponder by the fuel cell (under the car). They have other nice touches (photo-etched grills and such) that Action does not have. Of course Action "Elite" versions have little nuances that Team Caliber does not have either.

As far as the "Tamless Tiger" GTO of Arnie Beastwick, I just purchased one from an E-Bay seller for only $ 49.50 (excluding $ 10.00 shipping). If interested, you may want to check out this seller. (Unfortunately, he does not ship out of North America):


I have seen detailed pictures of this beast and it is wonderful..... I will post pictures when I receive it....
Thanks Madvetter on the Info about Team Caliber, never heard of them before.

Drums that is a great price on the GTO, but like you said only in the USA :cry but at least I can enjoy your photos when it arrives.

But I just scored my 1st 1:16 Funny Car off ebay for $135US delivered :happy have to wait till it arrives via air mail.

It's hard finding the 1:16 Tom McEwen 57 Chevy for under $150us then you have to add the postage to Australia, so that kills it, so I will wait and see how that pans out.

Thanks all for the kind comments.

Which funny car did you get :confused Theres only a few 1/16 scale cars out there.

here is a clue, I will post full details when it arrives, I loved the paint scheme.

Photo owner "Blown_chevelle".
It looks like Scotty Cannon to me. Him and Gary Scelzie always had awesome paint jobs on their cars. :cool
Correct :nicejob & I got a Gary Scelzi 1:24 which is a run of 708 :happy "I hope they were ok choices" the paint jobs are what sold me on them, just awesome, I cant wait for them to arrive, feels Im on another slide in the diecast world :giggle


The over time at work is killing me to pay for these.
It was a great choice, as SC no longer races FC but has gone back to Pro Mod which is where he started. He didn't run to well with the "big dogs", but he didn't whine when he lost either (Whit Bazemore).

Gary is a great driver and really improved last year. I'm sure we'll see big things from him this year too- if you watch NHRA :confused

I recently had the opportunity to look at a NASCAR collection of about 100 models. It was a mixture of Action and Team Caliber, TC being the majority.

I was quite impressed with the TC versions, some really details and quality.

I often see QVC pucjing TC items regulalry. No I do not sit around watching QVC all day, I just check their website regularly :giggle
Are you a RCCA member DX :confused Watch out for them NASCAR diecast- there must be millions out there!!! :giggle
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