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Ok well I think I finally found a program to easily make my images meet the site guidelines. At any rate, Fedex dropped this one off to me this morning. This is a Minichamps Porsche 904 Dealer Edition in Black.

Like most Minichamps the car has a bit of weight to it, but its not my heaviest car. The paint is GREAT!! I usually do not buy Black cars as in many internet pictures, they look grainy and blahh.. But I have to say, seeing this car in front of my has changed my mind. The color is excellent!

The wheels and tires are pretty good, and ride height looks fine.

The engine detail is decent. There are a few wires, and the mechanisim to keep the bonnet up is nicely done. But its not anything like my AUTOart Jag XJ13's engine!

Not much to be seen up front, but for what is there is well done.

The interior is nice. The seats have a felt on them, but the floors dont. Not sure this car would have come with carpet floors anyway. Worst thing about the interior is getting to it. The doors are quite hard to get open.

The bottom detail is average. Good suspension detail, the the bottom is very toy looking.

All in all this is a decent car. The plastic used looks.. well... plastic, but everything else is done quite well. Its a nice addition to my Porsche collection.

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WOW! I got the silver version but the black is looking waaaaaaaaay better!

Wanna trade? :giggle

Congrats on the beautiful piece :cheers

Great model, and it surely looks better in black than in silver. I'm still looking for an LM version at a decent price, but without success so far.
Congrats! :10
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