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porsche 906LH #40 R.Steinemann/D.Spoerry 12H sebring 1967 (Minichamps)

outside is very good, the perfect paint and decals and tampon printing too, the car opens the nose compartment, two doors and bonnet which also can be removed, the wheels and tires are very well reproduced, leads brakes 4-wheel drive, while the disc is fixed not turn to drive the wheels, the car carries suspension (with springs) but not functional

Inside the nose is very detailed, within this spare wheel and a radiator, in addition to several cooling ducts, I like the detail of the plate with chassis number

The interior is well detailed, although very simple, the seats are plastic and are flockeados, and bring no seatbelts, I imagine that will be typical of her era, the dashboard is very well reproduced can see bookmarks etc .. rpm speed on the ground of the chassis can be seen although it is embossed

the engine is very detailed, and very showy, you can see the engine components and their wiring, plus several large ducts cooling, which are metal (are springs) many parts are painted yellow mimicking what would fiberglass, you can see also part of the chassis

Now photos

1º round

2º round

3º round

4º round

5º round

6º round

last round


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Very smart looking model, strangely I've never got round to getting one of these
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