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Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Kyosho

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Can anybody tell me more about the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 1973 from Kyosho? It would interesting me how is the quality.

Thanks in advance! :danbana








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I don't know anything about this model, i just want to know what the h*ll is that swastika doing there?! If Kyosho added this to one of their models, i will not buy any of their models. Good thing i don't have any so far in my collection...
This is an old model, it is the same car as the Jouef or Eagle's Race Porsche 911 2.7L RS. Even thought the quality isn't great it still might fetch some $$$ on Ebay.

My opinion is wait for the Autoart version to arrive. :cheers
This is the model made originally by Eagle's Race (now Universal Hobbies) and it is, in fact, not Kyosho model. Therefore, teh quality is not too good.
Thanks for the feedback! :danbana

I will wait for the AutoArt version too.
:iagree but the model looks great and i will buy it !
The car is NOT origionally made by Eagles race or UH . They are both relatively new companies.

As Eric pointed out , this is the much earlier and much rarer Jouef version. Eagles race (now UH) re released the Carrera 2.7 RS much later.
This car is the Wolf racing version and it was produced to go with some Japanese cartoon series that was running at the time . (Hence the Swastika emblems) .Kyosho also did a 1/18 Lotus Europa in Wolf racing colours .

This car is rare , probably the hardest 911 RS to find and it therefore goes for big money although the detail is nothing fantastic. If you want to add a rare Porsche to your collection , then this is it as far as the RS goes , but if you prefer quality , then wait for the AUTOart version.

I am also watching this auction , as Im curious to see what it fetches . The last Kyosho/Jouef 911RS I saw in this Wolf packaging sold for $130 or so.
In my humble opinion, for all its worth, the model has a number of problems.

Firstly the wheels are too big and the tyres too 'chunky'. The wing mirror also appears to be poorly done, as are the lights and air intake grills.
And why Kyosho decided to add the swastika, is anybodies guess (even if it was linked to TV series). It wasn't the smartest move.

I'm sure the AUTOart version will be far superior to this attempt - I know which one i'll be buying.

i'll go for AUTOart or minichamps too..this dun look too great....
To try to clear up the swastika thing, for a long time before it was co-opted by the nazis, it was considered a good symbol in many cultures. To the best of my knowledge it's still considered a symbol of good luck in Japan.
That version is pretty old one. I remember seeing these a long time ago. I think it is a rare die-cast, but since AUTOart, the almighty AUTOart, is going to produce it...

Buy it as it is a rare die-cast but low level detail
Or buy AUTOart, not rare, but extremely superior detail.
I thought I was nuts when I first looked at it and told myself "Kyosho? That looks like the Jouef/Eagles Race version, it's even got the same wheels!" Glad I'm not nuts. I've got one of these, actually two. The 2.7 and a 2.5. They aren't bad models. Like one person above said, their biggest draw back is their tires and wheels. They could be done much better.
i have the standard car (non circuit wolf ) its not a bad model yep the side and tail lights arent great but other than that its ok
no, thats not true. its not a good symbol in Japan.
the swastika is actually a buddhist symbol. BUT , the original version is upright and straight on its side. facing the other direction. Hitler took the buddhist symbol, turned it around and made it stand on its ends.

So the symbol used on this car is the Nazi version, not the original "good" version

*kinda symbollic too.. being the opposite of the teachings of buddism*
I stand corrected
The car is NOT origionally made by Eagles race or UH . They are both relatively new companies.

As Eric pointed out , this is the much earlier and much rarer Jouef version. Eagles race (now UH) re released the Carrera 2.7 RS much later.
No matter who produces is sooner and who latter, it is always the same mould. I had had black/red Jouef Carrera RS which I sold I bought white/blue Universal Hobbies Carrera RS and the models were/are absolutely the same.
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