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Porsche 917/20

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Developed by the Martini & Rossi backed Porsche team as a way of combining the straight line speed of the 917L and the cornering and braking stability of the 917K led to the 917/20 or Pink Pig.
Designed in the French based SERA wind tunnel they took the regular 917 and made it about 5 inches wider and gave it a very stubby nose.
The hope was to have the best of both worlds but as we all know, it never quite works out that way.
While the car was being constructed it picked up thename "Big Bertha" by the building crew but once the Porsche stylistssaw it they went a little wild and painted it pink and added the names of different butcher cuts to the paint scheme.
After that the racing press dubbed it the "Pink Pig" :giggle

Martini and Rossi were not amused and did not allow the Martini name to appear on the car!
I can't imagine a race team getting away with that today.

In the pigs only race, Le Mans 1971, it was driven by Willi Kauhsen and Reinhold Joest (of the Audi R8 fame) it crashed out during the night while running in 5th place.
Some of the blame for the crash was alway laid on Joest as it was thought he was overdriving the car.
It wasn't until the mid 90's when the car was restored by Porsche that it was discovered that the front brake pads were completely worn away and that the brakes were the cause of the crash.
The car had been put ondisplay for all of those years with nothing more done to it than having the body repaired from the 1971 wreck!

I guess this car is nothing more that an oddity in Porsches racing history.
But I am sure glad Minichamps made it :cheers
This one always has my visitors asking about it :nicejob
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I don't like pork, but I do love the pink pig. :lol :happytwo :happy
One of my favourites too!!! I must take some up to date pics of mine to post as well! Thanks for the history on the car too MP!!! :cheers
Thanks for the info, Max! :cheers
I really want one.
Thanks MP for providing that detailed story behind the Pink Pig. I had wondered about that for a while now. I figured it had to be some pretty creative folks to dub it that name! :drinkbud
I really regret that haven't bought one. :crying
Ronan said:
One of my favourites too!!! I must take some up to date pics of mine to post as well! Thanks for the history on the car too MP!!! :cheers
Same here... :danbanna :cheers

Nice model :happy
Saw the real thing about 15 years ago in Germany when a buddy and I went to the Porsche Factory ... gotta dig out the pictures...
Two Porsche Aero 917's:

Nuff said?
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awesome car. mines on it's way soon. I managed to trade for it, so no cash outlay is even sweeter. thanks for the pics and refresher course.
Pink Pig is an expensive diecast..... i want one!
Bump in honor of Sir Gary's newest addition :cheers
As Jeff bumped this post I will add to it instead of creating a new one .
Thanks Jeff :cheers

The coupe versions of the Porsche 917 are considered by many as some of the best looking racers ever to race down the Mulsanne Straight, except for this one. This one-off was introduced at the 1971 LeMans test weekend and immediately it was the target of the hone of the rest of the other competitors and the press.

Its rather ugly presence was the result of development work done by a French company called SERA. The goals of the project were to combine the downforce and stability generated by the 917K bodywork and a drag figure that was close to the one of the low drag long tail 917LH. SERA concluded that this could be achieved by making the body wide enough to prevent the wheels from interfeering with the airflow over the car. The nose was squared to prevent air getting under the car. Windtunnel tests showed a drag co-efficient of only 0.387 but its extreme width meant that the total drag figure was higher than that of the 917K.

Porsche countered the hone by painting the car pink for the 24 hours race with names of pieces of meat written across it. The car was subsequently known as Pink Pig (le Cochon Rose) or Big Bertha. The Pink Pig qualified seventh and ran on third place in the race when it dropped out. The speed of the car showed the car's aerodynamics might have been better than the tests suggested.
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More torture Luciano.....payback for the hard guessing games :lol
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