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Porsche 917K "Roadcar"

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Finished today after several failures in the painting process, jiiihah!

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Great mod Thorst13. What type of paint is that? And what was it originally? I hope it wasn't the #23. :scared
That's a neat idea, converting a race car to a street car. It certainly serves some of my fantisies. Very nice job and outstanding paint! :cheers BTW, I remember an article in Road & Track probably 30 years ago about a 917 that had actually been converted for the street. I remember the car resided in Michigan but was licensed in Alabama because that state had the least stringent registration requirements. :giggle
Very nice! :cheers
Looks like you started with the #35 "Hippie" car

I made a "Test Car" out of an old Jouef/Eagles 917
Interesting conversion you did there . Great work without a doubt :nicejob

Personally , I prefer my 917`s multi coloured :giggle
interesting mod

looks good with no livery, good work :cheers

and jeff, your "test car" aint bad :cheers
yep ive seen pics of that car it was all silver and belonged to count rossi of martini rossi fame it was an ex race car of his that was crashed and repaired
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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