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Porsche 928S, 1983 24 Hours of Le Mans (Spark)

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I recently visited the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. On the way out I stopped by the gift shop for something to take home. This 928 racecar caught my eye. It was so odd to see one of these as a racecar, and one that raced le Mans, so says the box. I wanted to know more. I bought the model and really enjoy it. I don't collect too many 1/43 models, but I love the strange and unique models that are produced at that scale.

The story behind the car is really fun. Check out this story in the link for more info. It is worth the read.

Trousers Tire Jeans Wheel Vehicle

Automotive parking light Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Wheel Hood

Vehicle Tire Wheel Car Hood

Vehicle Tire Wheel Hood Car

Vehicle Land vehicle Car Hood Tire
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Fabulous coloring and great body style on that! (y)
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