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Porsche 959 Which colour?

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which colour is rare as i have a black one but seen white and blue ones go for £50 also are there 2 different black models?
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The Palisander Metallic is badass...

Can't go wrong with Mineral Blue Metallic either...

both are limited to 2500 each but aren't that rare.

I only see one black - http://exoto.com/Cashier/Catalog/Catalog.asp?Model1=55
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I have the palisander and love it. Its on the lines of a brown with gold flake. Sounds weird but looks amazing...
The Standox one looks nice, but its a bit steep in price.

To be fair every colour looks nice in my opinion. I wouldn't be dissapointed with any of them.

I really love the Palisander color :tongue

I have always thought the white was the rarest of all of them :feedback
I've been wanting one and check on eBay almost everyday and about 4/5 that I see is white.
The model looks amaizing in almost all of the colors it has, but i like it the most in silver

I think the white 959 with the white rims is kinda rare
:danbana :woohoo

i got that model paid less than retail for it too
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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