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Porsche 959

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It has arrived :happy :happy :happy

1985 Porsche 959 Palisander Maroon by 1:18 Exoto (Motorbox)

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Very nice, boedan! Looks mean! :cheers
But it would be meaner without the sticker on the hood. :giggle
Very mean looking :cheers
:lol I wondered who was going to comment on that.

boedan : That paint colour looks fabulously rich! Congrats on your 959! I bet it's nice to see that much sunshine too after 4 hurricanes.
That is one amazing colour. The car looks fabulous. Congratulations on your latest aquisition. :tongue
The paint is very rich. I put it next to my blue 959, and the blue 959 looks so dull and cheap :giggle Very happy with this addition :cool

StygianMax: Yes, it's nice seeing the sun, but what's nicer is that the canal isn't in your backyard :lol
wow! looks fantastic!!! this is my fav. color for this car

Congrats on the new addition :cheers

I asked about this model sometime ago, and your pics have all but convinced me that this is a must have for me.

Very nice color indeed :tongue
Awesome car boedan!!! I love that color! :happy :happy :happy
Congrats! :cheers
Congarts :cheers

nice porsche :coolpics
Get it get it get it!! :p

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nice car and pics :cheers

but I hate the interior colour

that's y I'm gettin the blue
I'm all over it :lol
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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