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Porsche 964 RSR based on a real RSR with quite a story. The model is based on a 1994 911 RSR that recently went up for auction. It is one of only 51 964 RSRs built. The RSR was the most track-ready 964 and this one had some odd options. The car received full custom red leather interior. Odd choice as this was the super-lightweight version. Even the cage is covered. The Turbo style bodywork is in silver and matched with purple Speedlines and gold brake calibers. A look that I really like. The real car was only driven 6 miles in its life and recently sold for $2.25 million. The model replicates this odd 911 to near perfection. I am not one to nitpick every little detail, but it looks great. Thankfully, GT Spirit did not replicate the dirty look of the real car. Instead we see it as it came from the factory. The finish of the car is just the protective sealant on the car, and there is no damage to the paint itself. Don't freak out.

Tire Wheel Sky Automotive parking light Vehicle

Next to a competitor, Ferrari 348 GTS

And another lightweight Porsche 964
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