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Porsche 991 GT3-RS #301 Recaro

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Well, here are some photos of the car as promised. These were all lit up with diffused sunlight so the blue would turn up a little better.

Most of the linked photos here are 800x600 (95kb to 125kb). Wheel shots are 640x480.

Notice the front brake discs are cross-drilled and the rear ones are slotted.
You can even see the Brembo logo on the calipers.
Details like this really grab my eyes!

The End

Here's the text from the rear of the box:
  • The 996 GT3 RS is a Porsche built to FIA GT3 standard (for races such as Le Mans) and modified to 24 hour Race standard for Nurburgring Nordschleife. The racing spec ABS permits a constant high level of deceleration at the same time preventing tyre damage due to braking error. A roll cage is welded into the vehicle to protect the driver in the event of a crash and to provide the necessary body rigidity. The numpers, bonnet and boot, wings and doors are made of carbon fibre. As in Formula 1, the wheels are secured by one large nut (central lock). The built-in hydraulic lift permits even faster wheel changing. Racing fuel consumption is around 45 litres per 100km.
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Terrific picture quality and composition! :cheers

I paid a bit extra to get both this model and the Yokohama car, and when I saw your photos it made me glad I went to the trouble. Kudos again!
Wow, awesome model and pics :yahoo :yahoo :woohoo
Felix , you need to go buy a crappy camera...youre pics are showing the rest of us up . :giggle

Absolutely beautiful my friend , those pics need to be in a magazine . :cheers

I just have one question about this quote though ,
. The numpers, bonnet and boot, wings and doors are made of carbon fibre.
What is heck is a Numper ? :lol
Thanks for your compliments Dr. Jeff. I'm glad to hear you like the composition! :happy I had decided to only get either the Recaro OR Yoko car since they're not the cheapest of diecasts around. There are still a few other expensive cars I hope to get and want to bank my money for them.
Thanks Nadav.
Such a thing of beauty she is :cheers
Well....I was going to say I got a little "outdated" 3.2Mpix camera and look forward to upgrading by June. :giggle :giggle I don't know that my pics ought to be in any magazine :giggle ....but, hey, I'll take that as a compliment! :cheers

"numper"are what I call "number" at 1:46 a.m. after a crazy day at work :lol :lol
Thanks Oron. I've been wanting this car for well over a year. You couldn't believe how excited I was when I read Charlie's thread about the group deal he set up.
She sure is a looker! Do have one of these gems in you collection?
Fabulous addition Felix. :cheers Breathtaking detailing on this model. I really dont know if other model makers would go as far as detailing the brake discs individually. I was'nt too sure of this model earlier. But just looking at the pics and the details you have so well captured, guess if I needed another racing Porsche, this would be it. The Advan GT3 is so much tempting too.
Well done Felix mate :cheers is this your first 1:18 since your AUTOart 2003 Corvette?

Right Felix now you have this you need to get the Yokohama version before they go for good.
Fantastic, Felix! The car is a beauty! And your pics are maybe one of the best you made so far. I'm a great fan of natural sunlight, and it made the car look superb on your pics. :nicejob
Don't tell me: bathroom studio too? :giggle
Way cool dude! :cheers

I'd love to get these cars, but they are just not that high on the list....yet.

Oh yeah, your pics in a word..............

:lol I would expect no less from Felix when it comes to mouth watering pictures. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Felix, I know you have to stick to your guns when it comes to diecast budget, but in this case - you MUST pick up the Yoko!

Do not - I repeat - do not separate the twins! :happy

Just look into those sad eyes of the Ricaro.... Can you see it? She misses her sister...

Go on... Do it. Pick up the Yoko. :tempted
Thanks Winston. Autoart's forte is definitely its brakes discs and calipers. This is especially noticeble on their sealed (oooh...there's that bad word :giggle ) Skyline GTR from the JGTC series. Seeing them put a similar level of attention to the GT3 RS is just awesome.
Thanks Mr V! This is my 4th 1:18 for 2005. For the year in 1:18, I scooped up the #53 C5-R, Maisto #26 Porsche GT1 1998 Le Mans winner (no photos as of yet) and the Maisto #3 Audi R8. I'm very much looking forward looking to the future AUTOart release of the 2003 LM GT2 winner, the #93 Alex Job Racing car.

Boy oh boy, everyone's trying to persuade me to get the Yoko car. :tempted :lol :lol
Ahem....that was three words. :giggle :giggle But I'll let it slide this time because they were so complimentary. :lol :lol So long as my pics bring smiles to the faces of race nuts, that's all good by me. :cheers
Excuse me while I go get a Kleenex to wipe my eyes & blow my nose. :cry :cry

Dang!! You in on the conspiracy too!?!?! :tempted :tempted If that's not enough, I've got this little sucker below crying the blues to me too. It's also saying something about its long-lost big brother.

Seriously though, thanks for the kudos about the pics. Funny, you know how you once said your photos were a little fuzzy, that's just what I think of mine too. :lol :lol
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