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I bought these when I got the Norev Turbo .

These are DE releases of the 997 4S from Norev . They are similarly priced to the Maisto DE cars , but are better in almost all respects .
The paintwork on these cars is also much better than on the Norev Turbo , but I have no idea why that should be .

Wheels are nice and even have the tyre valves moulded in but the tyres , although branded , are still weird looking. Brake detail is good with rotational discs and static calipers .
The lights front and rear are without mounting stubs , these only being visible on the side repeaters and front fogs .
The interiors look great too and are much better colours than the Turbo car . The Black and the Grey just look so much better . The seats also have a weird rubbery feel to them , which I must admit is far nicer than hard plastic .

Overall they are very nice cars , that cost little but offer alot . Definately recommended purchases , especially as they are now out as regular releases .

997 4S Coupe

997 4S Cabriolet


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Darrick ,

I assume its meant to be GT Silver as its darker than Arctic silver .

The coupe is Midnight Blue with Stone grey trim :cheers

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They should be available from any Porshe Dealer . Here are the part numbers :cheers

Coupe WAP 021 10216

Cabrio WAO 021 15216

Norev have also just released them as regular releases (see pics below) but as far as Im aware they are only available in Europe .



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Thank you for that bit of info Sir GAry. I will try to contact a local dealer and ask. Man! I love that red version!!!!!!!! Such a pitty that we don't have any Norevs here in NA. How much is it? If you don't mind me asking. :cheers
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