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Talk about being happy with a model!
I love this car! :yahoo

The color, Seal Grey is perfect for this porker.
I like it so much that I bought my first D/E to get it.

Maisto did a pretty nice job on this one and I am very happy to have it :cheers



As far as I know the 997 Coupe is available in the following

Carrera S Silver
Carrera S Yellow

Maisto reg.
Carrera Yellow
Carrera Black

Maisto DE
Carrera Seal Grey
Carrera S Basalt Black

Carrera 4S Midnight Blue

I will be passing on the two tone AUTOart version at all costs :giggle

Not to happy with Maisto's yellow version, looks a little too soft for me.

The DE version is not light enough for me.

I may end up with the yellow if a red isn't released soon.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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