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Porsche Carrera GT

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Here's the latest review, people. The Porsche Carrera GT by Maisto.

The Carrera GT model is available in red or black. By Maisto's standards, the paint is extremely good with an almost complete application although there are a couple of very small unpainted spots (on the insides of the doors) and the flakes are much smaller than you normally see in Maisto's models that have metallic paint. There is some orange peel but it isn't as obvious as that seen on most of Maisto's other models. There are no colour mismatches between the painted metal parts and the coloured plastic parts but the painted metal parts do reflect light better than the plastic parts. The decals are very well applied and don't look like they'll peel off easily.

The models scale and proportions are just right. It sits noticeably lower than the Carrera GT Concept model (by at least 3mm) and its panel gaps are pretty close-fitting while its fit and finish are amongst the best on any Maisto model. It tips the scales at a surprisingly heavy 775 grams.

The headlights are quite nicely simulated with some fine detailing around the bulb stalks but like with the concept model, the indicators and side repeaters are just painted on. The slightly raised surfaces in front of the headlights simulate the headlight washers pretty well. The front air intakes aren't perforated but the plastic has the moulded mesh effect which is well done but the plastic should be much, much darker - almost black instead of metallic grey. The rear lights on the back of the bar between the roll hoops and the rear wing aren't separate pieces of plastic but cheaper paint and sticker jobs to simulate them. The two vents on the engine cover are proper vents as they are perforated. The brake lights are well rendered with separate plastic pieces representing them. The LEDs are simulated by finer mouldings in the brake lights but the mounting posts are easy to notice. The other tail light and reverse light are simulated by separate plastic pieces as well and have good definition however the plastic simulating carbon fibre around them and the real licence plate should be dark grey as well instead of metallic grey.


The black Carrera GT has the brown/black leather combination interior while the red model has the all black leather interior. Like with the concept model, the interior detail is excellent for a Maisto. Although the A-pillars may look on the thick side, they are quite thick on the real car. There is a great deal of fine moulding for the instruments and although it doesn't match that of AUTOart or Kyosho, it is still very nice. The most obvious fault with the interior is the oversized gear shifter - a little strange considering that Maisto did the gear shifter in the concept model just fine. The pedals and foot rest are extremely well rendered and the door interiors have the carbon-fibre effect very well simulated with the correct colour plastic. The seats and floor have no carpet detail but they are both soft touch plastic. The seats have separate seatbelts along with matching clips on either side of the distinctive transmission tunnel which is well rendered. The "Carrera GT" emblem is included in the door sills but they are stickers.


The tyres, like on a lot of Maisto's models, are branded and have a realistic looking tread. The wheels are very well simulated as well with attention paid to the central locking nuts on the left-hand side being red and those on the right-hand side being blue. Detail extends to the tyre inflation pin on each wheel as well. The same brake discs from the Carrera GT concept are used. The detail on them is excellent with the correct colour used as well as real grooves and real holes (to simulate the drilled holes). The brake calipers are correctly painted yellow, to signify the Porsche Carbon-Ceramic Brake system. Because the brake discs are calipers are made from the same piece of plastic, the brake discs do not rotate with the wheels but rather stay fixed in place.


Some of the engine detail can be seen through the clear mesh cover but much more can be seen when the engine cover is lifted. Although most of the engine is hidden by the monocoque, the detail in the engine bay is very well executed with the air intakes being the most prominent feature in the engine bay. Some of the drivetrain is visible with some detail of the springs and pushrods in the rear suspension - this is purely cosmetic although the rear wheels are sprung but they are sprung separately. The undercarriage detail is minimal - the underbody is almost completely flat apart from the Venturi tunnels towards the rear of it - but this is correct as the Carrera GT has a flat underbody to minimise drag.

Minichamps has their own 1/18 version of the Carrera GT and although it has better detail, it costs 5-10 times as much as Maisto's version. Almost all collectors feel that Maisto's rendition offers much better value for value than Minichamps' own - Maisto's model costs from $20-30 US whereas Minichamps' model costs upwards of $150!. AUTOart are due to release their own version as well in the next six months so this score will go down further.

The model's quality and detail are very good by Maisto's and even though its quality and detail don't match that of AUTOart or Kyosho, Maisto are definitely on the right track. This model isn't as easy to find as other Maisto models but it is far from rare.

This is probably Maisto's best effort to date resulting in a really good rendition of what to me is the most beautiful car in the world. The only glaring fault is the oversized gear shifter but generally speaking Maisto's quality and detail are improving and this model is a testament to that. For a supercar model collector, this is a must have even if you already have the concept model.
Total Score - 36/50

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Darren, great review! You echo my sentiments exactly about this car, and I probably would have given the model a very similiar score. Thanks for the review! :cheers
I have one of those in red on hold at the moment until my check clears.

Nice to see that Maisto's are improving all the time.
Thanks for the review Darren, definitely one of Maisto's better efforts :cheers
great review as always :cheers

this one's on my wishlist
Good review :cheers

Maisto has finally made the correct wheels?!?! Are all the new cars like this? :cheers
Thanks for the feedback, guys. :cheers
To answer your question, Justin, most of Maisto's latest models have very well detailed wheels and brakes.
Excellent review on what must be one of Maisto's better cars, but then I'm biased, I have a red GT :happy
That's a splendid review Darren!
It's nice to hear the production version of the CGT doesn't have the big wheel well gaps that the Concept version has.

Does anyone know if this car comes in silver from the Porsche dealers? If I recall correctly, silver CGT Concepts were made by Maisto as dealer exclusive offerings.
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Now that would be a 'sight' for sore eyes

Thanks for giving us a accurate review on a very nice model :nicejob
Great Review :cheers
Right on the money :nicejob
A must have and a tremendous value :nicejob

Thanks Darren for the review :cheers
Picture from please support DX Advertisers!

These are the wheels that are available over here in the US on the production CGT's :confused

I wonder where I can find these cars with the new wheels? :cheers
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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