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Well I did it.....I bought another GT3 RSR so that I could remove the Tampos and have an all white RSR to join my other " client " cars .

It waspretty easy to do and took me around 2 hours . The red paint was pretty thick and took a few applications of NPR to get it off completely , but the Graphite , Silver and Black came off with no trouble at all .

Unfortunately I lost the Bonnet crest , as it was so close to the RSR script , I caught it with the NPR and that was it , but not to worry as Im gonna order some Porsche decals soon .
I also havent done the spoiler yet as its plastic , and as we know , plastic and NPR dont mix too good

Im happy with the result .Heres some (bad) pics :happy



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That is AMAZING work !!
I am in love !!

What is NPR ? :confused
Does it remove only tampos or is it also bad for paint ? Did you use Q-tips ?
Do you need to re-polish afterwards ?

Thanks for the feedback

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Great work Sir Gary! Your pic just shot up this model to the TOP of my list! I guess it is payback time! :giggle

I am going to inquire tomorrow at a Porsche dealer to see if they have them.

NPR= Finger nail polish remover (use the non-acetone)

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Thomas , as Al already said , NPR is Nail Polish Remover (non acetone ).

It wont affect the paint at all , but you cant use it on plastic painted parts (eg rear wing) or it will melt them .
I used Q tips and a clean cloth , and yes , its advisable to polish afterwards for a nice shine and to ensure theirs nothing lefty on the paintwork .
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