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As promised I took a few pics of my newest arrival .

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this car . I heard lots of things about it when it was announced . It was supposed to be up to AUTOart quality and it was available at some retailers on preorder at AUTOart style prices , initially $75 ish .

Well , its finally here , and Im afraid to say that theres going to be a few disappointed collectors out there , myself included.
The car is nowhere near AUTOart quality , its more on par with a good Maisto and at $49.99 for this orange car and $54.99 for the Blue Bilstein car , its not exactly cheap.

The car comes boxed , in AUTOart style packaging with the Techart accessories in a seperate box. It looks pretty good at first glance , but when you take it out...oh dear.
Interior has no carpet , hard plastic seats and it doesnt even have any Dials in the instrument binnacle...just a blank space . I thought maybe a sticker had peeled off , but no , absolutely nothing.
Under the front hood is just a mass of shiny Black plastic , very little detail except a single painted fluid bottle . The paint on the underside of the hood is very poor , very thin almost see through with bare metal showing on the hinge area.
Engine detail is no better , with just a piece of black moulded plastic representing the flat 6 engine .

The headlights arent too bad , although nowhere near AUTOart standard and the rear lights show a large visible mounting stub on them . Side repeaters are painted on .
Brakes have nice calipers with the Porsche script but only have static discs .
Wheels are so so , nothing to write home about with quite hard plastic tyres with no sidewall markings.
Paintwork , although very smoothly applied is a bit thin in places . On my car the drivers door looks as though it has only been given 1 coat . It looks as though you can see the metal of the body through it . Not good !

The car comes with a host of interchangeable parts ranging from nicely done Techart rims to a Techart Gearlever and handbrake lever .
Adding these parts certainly improves the look of the car even though it is a bit of a hassle to put them on , as the mounting screws are tiny .
It took me about 30 mins to add the Techart pieces , so it was no quick change for sure . The fit of the parts is pretty good but the colour match isnt that good to be honest . Even with the standard parts , there was a visible colour difference between panels . Maybe on the Blue car it wont look as bad , but on my Metallic orange car it looks terrible.

Another gimmick on this car is the adjustable settings for wheel offset , camber angle and ride height .
There are screws on the underside which you vcan adjust with the screwdriver supplied . Ride height can be altered by 5mm , camber angle by 0 - 10 degrees and the offset is altered by simply sliding the rims in or out on their special hubs.
The wheels do roll and they do turn .

In summary , I have to say its not what I expected . Whilst it does look good in Techart mode , it is a major let down in a lot of areas . Definately no match for your AUTOart Turbo , so dont go out rushing to replace it with this one , its a good Maisto at best , and an expensive one at that .
I have no regrets about buying this one , but I really wish they had concentrated more on overall quality than having the gimmicky suspension features :cheers

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WOW, such a talked about car in your other threadf and it sounds like abit of a let down, nice to see it is a Porsche instead of, say a Impreza or a Supra or a RX-7 or anything of that type that most other companies who do these tuning models would do.
Nice idea about the suspention and body kit pieces, but quality is where it really matters in the end though, and it has to be another model ill have to miss.

That price tag though really made me gasp :scared

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Hey Gary,

Thanks for the post :cheers

I can attest that those wheels are not accurate either :pullhair

Gary since you have described this model in such detailed, I am going to move this one to the Model Review Forum, that way it doesn't get lost at the end of the year.

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And what brand of tire is that, Continental ????

Continental is a cheap knock off brand of tire.

I just don't get it. :confused

Did we as collectors hype these models up, or did the hype come from Hot Works??? :confused

This model deserves the same criticisms as AUTOart Porsche racing line up.

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well my reason for wanting this car so bad was due to the Techart Formula wheels, but looking at them, they sure don't look like Formula's to me. I know what a set of Formula's look like and it ain't those.

(Holds hands out pressing pointer and thumbs together with eyes closed mumbling...woooooosaaaaaaaa)

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Great read and a very honest assesment :nicejob

All I can say is thanks for being the guniea pic :giggle
I will pick one of these up on ebay when the prices crash :happy

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I just received mine today and it disappoints me to read your review. I haven't seen the model yet, I'm still at work. My wife just received the package about 10 minutes ago.

I've been so excited about this model since I saw the pictures of it from the Nuremberg Toy Fair. I hope that I haven't gotten my hope up to high but it looks like I have.

I really wish that AUTOart or even Minichamps would of done the Techart GT Street because I think this car needs more respect than this.

I guess I just have to wait till I get home and inspect the model for myself and decide if it would be worth buying the white version when it's release, this is the one I really wanted.

I wonder if it would be worth sacraficing an Autoart in order to make this car what it suppose to be.

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Darrick , I found this on google on a european site regarding Techart .

The must fit Continentals as standard on the Formula GT rims

Vozy jsou osazeny hliníkovými koly Techart Formula GT o rozměrech 8,5J x 18 vpředu a 12J x 18 vzadu na nichž jsou použity pneumatiky Continental 225/40 ZR18 resp. 295/30 ZR18. To však neplatí pro verzi XL, která má je osazena koly o průměru 19" a pneumatikami 235/35 ZR19 vpředu a extrémními 315/25 ZR19 na hnaných zadních kolech, pro které vzniklo místo právě rozšířením blatníků.

Looking at the rims , they seem pretty accurate too . Are these the Formula GT rims ?


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I just opened up my Hotwork Porsche and I have to say that I am very happy with it. While it is no Autoart in detail, it is equal to if not better than the Maisto 996 Carrera S I have.

Gary, you mention that yours has a blank dash, mine doesn't.

Right now, I have all three sitting next to each other and this car fits right in. Actually, I think the shape of the Hotworks is much better than the AUTOart, the AUTOart is narrower.

The paint on my Hot Wheels Porsche is fine, much better than the Maisto, almost equal to the AUTOart. Sure, open the doors or look under the hood and the detail is not there but I can live with that.

If you can live with a Maisto Porsche in your collection, you will be happy with Hotworks.

All I can say is that I will be getting the white one when it come out. :cheers

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Is the original picture of the front or rear wheel? The points look rounded and soft.

There are three different Techart Formulas: Formula, Formula GT and the Formula GTS. There is another one too, but its for the 997 and I'm not at all familiar with that one as I hate the 997.

The picture you posted is of the GTS(rear wheel), which is the latest version.

On the formulas, on the 18" fronts, they are different from the 18" rear as the rears are a little more defined as they have a bold line that defines the point as it runs into the center piece.

However, on the 19" and 20", they look the same from front to rear. Aggressive :wink

I am not sure what this model has, can you post a high res picture of the front and rears, they don't have to be on the car.

This is the very reason why I was looking to purchase this car, for the wheels and the front fascia. I painted my silver AUTOart GT2 wheels black, however, they look no where near the Formulas, so I was hoping these models would be the right substitue.

Oh well.

I believe the Conti's are just part of the package deal, they are z Rated and thats all that matters...to some :giggle

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I am so confused :lol :confused :lol :confused

Thats two opposite reports :confused

I don't even know what question to ask next :confused

Looking at Gary's pics, there is no way this car is worth $40+, no way, no way, no way.

It has a gold floor for christ sakes :confused
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