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Post One Random Model Picture a Day

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Saw this on another forum and thought it would work here. So you can post one picture a day and only one picture.

It can be of anything diecast related such as:
  • Your favourite diecast
  • A terrible diecast
  • A car
  • A bike
  • interior
  • exterior
  • your collection
etc, etc. Also try to add the make and model for people that are interested. I'll start off with my current favourite pairing the Exoto GT40 and AUTOart McLaren F1.

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That really made me chuckle. Good one. That is a Triple 9?
Yep, Triple 9. Been trying to find a matching 1/18 of my car, but it seems the only resin RF is grey and not Soul Red.
Always love this thread and your latest work,Dirk is Superb to see.
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6781 - 6800 of 8845 Posts