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You've all seen the reviews and photos... here's a few more!

in my opinion this feels sturdier than my older 360 Modena - solid wheels, despite the thin tire walls and oversized bling factor, the doors actually stay closed, and the engine looks a tad more detailed... and for a little over $20 USD, I'm pretty happy.

This stands proudly in my collection. The 430 was a reminder that my collection doesn't get better by only purchsasing expensive models.



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Not a bad model at all, especially at that price, Eddwin - good purchase!

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According to Kevin's hobbies website, here's the Elite release time:

Ferrari Enzo red [April 2006]

Ferrari Enzo black [April 2006]

Ferrari Super America red [May 2006]

Ferrari Super America silver [May 2006]

Ferrari Testarossa red [June 2006]

Ferrari Testarossa black [June 2006]

Ferrari FXX red [July 2006]

Ferrari FXX yellow [July 2006]

Ferrari 288 GTO red [August 2006]

Ferrari 288 GTO yellow [August 2006]

Ferrari F430 red [September 2006]

Ferrari F430 black [September 2006]

Ferrari F50 red [October 2006]

Ferrari F50 silver [October 2006]

Ferrari 599 GTB red [November 2006]

Ferrari 599 GTB silver [November 2006]

Ferrari F430 Spider red [December 2006]

Ferrari F430 Spider black [December 2006]

But I got no date for those:

Ferrari 333SP race aged

Ferrari 360 Modena race aged

Ferrari F355 Challenge race aged

Ferrari 250 LM race aged

Ferrari 250 GTO race aged

Ferrari 250 Testarossa race aged

:edit Ferrari 575 GTC red :edit

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I hope the Elite range are up to the mark when we get to see the finished thing. I love a few of those Ferraris but it seemed like sacrilege to have some of the budget Hot Wheels models of them. If the Elite range can just get nearer to AUTOart, Minichamps etc territory I would happily snap a couple up.
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